Kinship Youth Program

KYP Mural

The Kinship Youth Program (KYP) serves children and youth ages 6-18 who are being raised by a kinship caregiver: a grandparent, aunt, sibling, or other relative caregiver. In KYP, creating and maintaining a positive community is emphasized and students learn to take ownership over their experience in the program. Participants are then encouraged to apply these skills to their lives outside of the program.  

To refer a youth to the Kinship Youth Program, call Kenitra Holland at (510) 834-4006 ext. 3076, or email 

KYP Components Include: 

Homework Club:
The centerpiece of KYP is the Homework Club, which meets weekly during the school year for homework and academic support, as well as social and leadership development.

as gameSaturday Program/Special Activities:
Baseball games, movies, museums, overnights, and roller skating are examples of special activities for KYP participants.

Strong Pool ManSummer Program: 
Typically four days a week for six weeks, the summer session incorporates academic and recreational activities to create a fun and busy schedule full of field trips and exciting adventures.  (learn more)

Lake cleanupCommunity Service/Leadership Opportunities: 
Monthly service projects help KYP participants to develop a sense of involvement in their community. (learn more)