Mission Statement:
Our mission is to nurture children, youth, and caregivers to keep families healthy and intact.

Family Support Services provides home-based and community-based support to parents and other caregivers of vulnerable children – those who are disabled, medically fragile, drug exposed, abused or neglected, and those at risk of abuse or neglect. 

  • We increase our families’ capacity for self sufficiency by providing supportive services, building on strengths, enhancing life skills, and strengthening community linkages.
  • We are non-judgmental and approach families with respect.
  • Our services are family-driven; we regularly communicate with families to gather their input and assure their satisfaction.
  • We believe in every family’s right to self-determination.
  • We take pride in providing culturally competent services and embracing cultural differences in everything we do.
  • We maintain integrity in our operations and services.