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Services we provide are...

Respite & Child Care Intermittent childcare to parents and other caregivers in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties.

Family Preservation Intensive home-based services to San Francisco and Oakland families whose children are at imminent risk of removal from their homes.

Kinship Support Offers much-needed support to grandparents and other relative caregivers who are caring for kin children who have been removed from the care of their biological parents.

Kinship Youth Program Serves children and youth ages 8-18 who are being raised by a kinship caregiver, through a comprehensive, year-round program.

OreMi Mentoring Serves children in the Alameda County foster care system, and children of incarcerated parents by creating lasting one-on-one mentoring relationships.


Celebrating our Graduates!
Our Kinship Youth Program began over 10 years ago, and one of our greatest successes has been keeping children and youth engaged with the program over the course of many years.  An exciting result is that each year at the beginning …
Mentoring: Seven Years Together. Meet Tyrell and Bill.
Bill McNab and his mentee Tyrell have been the glowing faces on our OreMi Mentoring brochure for several years, and we were excited to receive an update on the charming picture that has become a part of FSSBA’s landscape over …
FSSBA’s 2014 Annual Report is Online Now.
We are excited to present our Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013-2014.  In this report, you will find: information about our financial state, major donors, funders and sponsors, and stories that highlight the importance of the work we do. We invite …
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